MONOPOLY Madness brings the entire MONOPOLY experience to the fore like never before. Enjoy the property trading game in a whole new way. Go through the chaotic streets of Monopoly City, collect resources, buy and improve properties, cheat on your rivals and dodge their tricks to win the race for riches. It is truly insane! Say goodbye to the board! Walk the streets of Monopoly City and compete with other players to get money, water and electricity. Use these resources to acquire and improve properties. The more you own, the closer you get to proving you have what it takes to run Monopoly City!


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The center of the board is occupied by an entire 3D city that breathes and evolves as you play. You have a miniature world in which each neighborhood has its own identity and characteristics. Feel that you have something very special and watch your empire grow before your eyes!

- You can change the rules and adapt them to your liking. Play the famous Speed ??Dice mode to add extra insanity to the game, or choose from a catalog of 6 rulebooks created by members of the MONOPOLY community from around the world.

- Search for up to 6 players online and challenge them in quick games or custom sessions where you can choose how to play. See if you can have it all!

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