Octopath Traveler Nintendo Switch

The producers of Bravely Default in Square Enix present us with a new fantasy world that combines computer-generated graphics, pixelated art and pure visual magic. Its creators have called it HD-2D. Begin your journey as one of the eight protagonists, each with a talent, an origin and an objective of their own. Where will the trip begin? Who will join the team? And where will you go next? All these decisions and many others are completely in the hands of the player.



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Each character has an exclusive path action that he can use to interact uniquely with the people he meets. For example, the Olberic warrior can challenge a duel to almost anyone. By doing so, he can unmask a villain and bring him to justice or force someone to step out of his way. Instead, the dancer Primrose can seduce others to follow her. With this ability, he can locate someone who has been lost and bring him back, or lure his enemies into a trap. You can even call a seduced character to help her in combat! This game fuses the classic turn-based combat with completely new mechanics. One of them is the impulse system, which allows to accumulate impulse points in each turn of the combat. You can use them to dramatically increase the power of attacks and abilities or to chain attacks. You can concentrate attacks on the weak point of an enemy to break the guard and deliver powerful blows while it is weakened. You can also help an ally in distress. Identifying the right moment to use an impulse could give you victory. The variety of tactics is very rich. Your creativity as strategists will be rewarded!


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