Nika has just completed the first phase of her plan to destroy all that is not cool: the construction of a combat mecha called MechaNika. There is no time to lose, so join her, take control of MechaNika and devastate the entire planet. You have to do away with history books, planned obsolescence, cheesy little dresses, endless sagas of boring video games, and mashed peas. But be careful, because along the way you will realize that Nika is not the only one with a plan to change the world and that things are not as simple as they seemed at first, so you will have to make complicated and irreversible decisions to achieve your goals or give them up.


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Join Nika and kill everything that is not cool at the controls of MechaNika.
- Turn the mission into a 2 player co-op adventure with Agatha and the Big Bleeding Pig.
- Manage your resources during combat and strategically execute endless combos to do more and more
damage your enemies.
- Unlock the Idiot Gutter, Rending Tornado, Groundbreaker, Scarlet Vomit, and up to 8 devastating attacks
- Take on countless challenging challenges in a combination of beat'em up action, shoot'em up, platformers and puzzles.
- Discover the Neon District, Candyland and the rest of the Psychotic world through 18 totally different levels.
- Find all the geek references illustrated with a unique visual style.
- Enjoy a varied, dynamic and immersive original soundtrack.
- Make crucial decisions during the adventure and discover the 4 possible endings for this epic and twisted story.
- Complete the mission with infinite respawns or with a single chance in perm death mode, if you dare ...

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