Terminator Resistance Enhanced - PlayStation 5 (Ps5)

Estimated release date: Friday 30 April 2021

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Terminator Resistance Enhanced PS5 Game

Terminator Resistance Enhanced - A fully updated version of the main game including balance and difficulty patches previously released on PC.

Features - 

  • New INFILTRATOR MODE in which players can get under the skin of a T-800 series Infiltrator unit and strike out against Resistance forces.
  • A Range of visual improvements taking advantage of the PS5’s more powerful hardware, including upscaled 4K resolution and locked 60fps, as well as higher resolution textures, detailed particle effects (and more!), makes this version really stand out!
  • A variety of features new to PS5, including Game Activities which can be used to track the player’s progress in missions and trophies, DualSense adaptive triggers for weaponry, and colour shifting within the light bar to reflect the player’s health.
  • 4x faster load times on average

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